Canola oil lowers blood sugar and cholesterol in diabetic patients.

canolaA study from St. Michael’s Hospital suggests that canola oil is beneficial to patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Canola was developed from rapeseed at the University of Manitoba in the 1970s. Canola oil contains only 7 per cent saturated fat, less than half that of olive oil, widely touted for its benefits. The , published in the journal Diabetes Care, led by Dr. David Jenkins, compared people with Type 2 diabetes who ate either a low glycemic index diet that included bread made with canola oil, or a whole wheat diet known to reduce the risk of .

The specify that those patients on the canola bread diet experienced both a reduction in blood glucose levels and a significant reduction in LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol. The canola diet seemed seemed to have the most significant impact on people whose blood glucose level was at the highest level. The reduction in LDL cholesterol observed in 141 study participants translated into a 7 per cent reduction in cardiovascular events.

Previous studies have linked low glycemic index diets with a reduction in both diabetes and cardiovascular events, and have shown monounsaturated fats such as canola and olive oil reduced the risk of . This is the first study to test the impact of the oil on patients.


David J.A. Jenkins, Cyril W.C. Kendall, Vladimir Vuksan, Dorothea Faulkner, Livia S.A. Augustin, Sandra Mitchell, Christopher Ireland, Korbua Srichaikul, Arash Mirrahimi, Laura Chiavaroli, Sonia Blanco Mejia, Stephanie Nishi, Sandhya Sahye-Pudaruth, Darshna Patel, Balachandran Bashyam, Edward Vidgen, Russell J. de Souza, John L. Sievenpiper, Judy Coveney, Robert G. Josse, and Lawrence A. Leiter. Effect of Lowering the Glycemic Load With Canola Oil on Glycemic Control and Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A Randomized

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