Class Action against Naked Juice for using GMO products

nakedjuice3   A action was filed against Naked Juice, (owned by PepsiCo), for as non GMO and All Natural when in fact the product contains genetically modified ingredients and . The complaint can be accessed here.

Highlights of the Naked Juice lawsuit accuse the company of:

1) Labeling its products as “Non-GMO” when, in fact, it knowingly used genetically-modified ingredients in its products.

2) False and misleading labeling of its products as “100% Juice”, “100% Fruit” and “All Natural” when the products contained many different synthetic ingredients and such as:

* Fibersol-2 — a proprietary synthetic digestion-resistant fiber produced by Archer Daniels Midland and developed by a Japanese chemical company.

* Fructooligosaccharides — a and sweetener.

* Inulin — an artificial and invisible fiber added to foods to artificially increase fiber content with the typical fiber mouth-feel.

3) Intentionally misleading and deceiving its customers.

Consumers as evidenced on Naked Juice’s facebook page are not only boycotting the product because of but the companies $ 2.5 million donation to defeat California proposition 37 which would have made GMO labelling in California mandatory.


Naked Juice Class Action Lawsuit

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