Counties and cities adopt non binding resolutions to attack the Dark Act

image1Counties and cities are relying on the age old honor system to combat Federal Policies designed to curtail their power. One resolution passed by the Town of Plattsburg in New York uses this concept, rather than implementing legal ordinances that could be preempted by federal law.

The City of Plattsburg, New York, has approved a new policy that encourages city departments and city residents to reduce and eliminate the use of neonicotinoids and other toxic pesticides.

In a similar manner, residents and department heads have been asked to refrain from genetically modified organism (GMO) cultivation.New York and Federal law preempts ordinances and policies and the resolution is designed to address the environmental and public of GMOS and pesticides.

The resolution, sponsored by Councilman Mike Kelly, addresses the of honey bees and other insects as one of the main reasons for encouraging citizens to refrain from the use of pesticides in the practice of lawn care and beautification.

“Our pesticide journey began with a simple question about how the City of Plattsburgh was using neonicotinoids to control . It turned out a city employee is a beekeeper and he thanked the City Council for bringing this issue forward. He told us that the combination of GMO seeds and pesticides was killing pollinating insects at alarming rates,” said Mike Kelly.

Most every community in America is wrestling with the question of sustainability” said Mike Kelly. “Will we have good food, clean water, clean air and a healthy environment for our children and grandchildren? It is clearly time to act to ensure the future. The City of Plattsburgh City Council unanimously supported an anti-pesticide/anti-GMO resolution as a building block to help us achieve and maintain a healthy future for our citizens.”


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