EPA expands the use of controversial Enlist Duo without an environmental impact study

enlistduoAnother legal challenge was filed challenging the U.S. Environmental Protections Agency’s () decision to expand its of Enlist Duo in other states. Enlist Duo is a new combination herbicide consisting of glyphosate and 2,4-D. The expansion affects nine other previously unaffected states including Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and North Dakota.

The new challenge follows on the heals of a previous motion (requesting an in six states) and was filed in the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal on behalf of Beyond Pesticides, Center for , Center for Food Safety, Environmental Working Group, the National Family Farm Coalition, and Pesticide Action Network North America.

“Our federal regulators have again unlawfully bowed to the chemical , rather than protect our communities, land, and farms,” said George Kimbrell, Center for Food Safety senior attorney, counsel in the case. “We will continue to defend them vigorously.”

“Big chemical is profiting over dumping more and more toxins in our air, water and bodies and killing our endangered wildlife,” said Earthjustice attorney Paul Achitoff. “Instead of being an environmental watchdog, the is playing lapdog and allowing this deadly herbicide to be sprayed on millions of acres without adequate impact assessment. We filed our motion so we can finally stop the cycle of more and more pesticides with less and less oversight.”

“In expanding its approval for this super-toxic chemical cocktail, has shown an utter disregard for human health, our , and endangered species like the iconic whooping crane,” said Lori Ann Burd, environmental health director at the Center for . “ has left us with no choice but to go to court.”

“Rural communities rely on to take its job seriously. But in approving Dow’s proposed use of 2,4-D, has failed to protect their health, their vulnerable crops and their livelihoods,” said Marcia Ishii-Eiteman, senior scientist at Pesticide Action Network North America. “Communities across the Midwest are furious, knowing that they now face unprecedented levels of 2,4-D drift each summer.”

The environmental groups have expressed concern regarding the amount of herbicide and pesticide drift and the adverse health impact on both the environment and the existing human population.

States that are now approved to use Enlist Duo on GE corn and soy crops include:

Arkansas – NEW
Kansas – NEW
Louisiana – NEW
Minnesota – NEW
Missouri – NEW
Mississippi – NEW
Nebraska – NEW
North Dakota – NEW
Oklahoma – NEW
South Dakota




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