EU freezes approval of GMO crops until 2014

The European commission has decided to freeze the approval process for genetically modified crops until 2014. Federic Vincent, a spokesman for Commissioner Tonio Berg, said that the authorizations for farming of crops are frozen.
Several EU members including Austria, , Germany, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg and Poland have adopted legislative provisions that allow them to block the cultivation of GM crops on their territory. The European’s commission approval of GM crops has impeded relations with a number of the 27 .

European Commission chief, Jose Manuel Barroso, has not forced the countries, that have adopted legislative provisions, to lift their . The EU has only approved the cultivation of two , the Amflora potato developed by and the MON 810 maize developed by global seed giant Monsanto. The renewal of MON810 will be held up by the freeze.


Cornucopia Institute



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