Gates foundation donates $ 10 million to research a genetically modified banana. Human trials to begin in the U.S.

banaThe genetically modified banana has been genetically engineering to contain additional vitamin A. The research backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation who donated $ 10 million will undergo human trials in the United States.

Development of the super banana took place at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the bananas will be sent to the United States to investigate how well they enhance vitamin A levels in humans. Field trials have already begun in Uganda.

“Good science can make a massive difference here by enriching staple crops such as Ugandan bananas with pro-vitamin A and providing poor and subsistence-farming populations with nutritionally rewarding food,” project leader Professor James Dale, said in the corresponding Qeensland University of Technology press release.

“We know our science will work,” Professor Dale said. “We made all the constructs, the genes that went into bananas, and put them into bananas here at QUT.”

It’s baffling why the United States has been selected as ground zero for human trials and not Australia where the research originated. Similar efforts to enhance rice with vitamin A lead to considerable resistance of the acceptance of golden rice.


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