Germany plans to stop the growing of genetically modified crops under new EU rules

111028_netzwerk-gentechnik_body.5014509The German Agriculture minister, Christian Schmidt, has announced that he will opt out of GMO crop cultivation as permitted by the newly implemented European Union rules.

A new EU law was implemented in March and allows individual member states to opt of growing new GMO crops even after they have been approved as safe by the European Commission.

Germany has until October 3rd to inform the European Commission that they wish to opt out of new EU GMO cultivation approval. The minister has requested information from German State authorities whether their region should be included in the opt-out. The individual German State authorities may decide which environmental risks are associated with GMO cultivation.

The Minister of Conservation, Beate Jessel, has specified that a federal GMO cultivation ban throughout Germany is the only effective protective mechanism.

Scotland became the first country to opt out of the European Union GM cultivation licence, a move it said was needed to preserve the country’s “clean and green brand”.



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