LA city council caves to lobbying pressure, tables GMO ban.

gmoThe Los Angeles city council was poised to adopt the final language of a bill in December proposing to ban genetically modified crops in the city of Los Angeles based on an almost unanimous decision in October to proceed with the ban. However, in a surprising turn around the city council has now tabled the bill, shocking Councilman Paul Koretz who co-authored the proposal.

The proposal tried to prohibit the growth of genetically modified organisms defined as or animals whose genetic material has been altered to make them bigger or resistant to and .

The turn around has been attributed to heavy lobbying by the biotech . “The city is going to be better off making a decision with a lot of information, rather than just emotion,” said lobbyist George Kieffer, who represented critics of the ban. “Their statement, if they choose to make it, will be just as important in three months as it is today.”

Another lobbyist, Kieffer, spoke at the December city council meeting identifying himself as representing the Biotechnology Organization, opposing the bill.

As a result the city council tabled the bill for further investigation, leaving of the bill to fear that the city council will now not adopt the bill.


Los Angeles Time.

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