Link between heart disease and Osteoporosis discovered.

osteoporosisA new study by the has linked both coronary and osteoporosis. The researchers from Southampton’s Medical Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit assessed symptoms of osteoporosis by visualizing multiple layers of the wrist bone by using high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography.

People with a history of had substantially lower cortical volumetric bone mineral density in their wrist bone (the distal radius) than those without. The participants consisted of 350 men and women, aged 70 — 85, who had enrolled on the Hertfordshire . The finding revealed that cortical volumetric bone mineral density was lower among participants with coronary (or ischaemic ) such as angina, or heart failure. The effect was more prominent in women than in men.

“This is one of the first studies to use this technology to explore bone geometry, density and microstructure in patients with ,” said Professor Cyrus Cooper, Director of the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit and Professor of Rheumatology at the . The findings highlight the need to evaluate a history of in the management of osteoporosis in older people and further is also needed to provide a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms which explain the link between osteoporosis and .”


J. Paccou, M. H. Edwards, K. A. Ward, K. A. Jameson, C. L. Moss, N. C. Harvey, E. M. Dennison, C. Cooper. Ischemic is associated with lower cortical volumetric bone mineral density of distal radius. Osteoporosis International, 2015; 26 (7): 1893 DOI: 10.1007/s00198-015-3132-z

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