Natural Resources Defense Council sues EPA for approving Enlist DUO.

butterfliesThe Natural Resources Defense Council has filed a complaint in the D.C. circuit court against the Environmental Protection Agency. The complaint addresses the approval of the new weed killer by the agency which poses a risk to human health.

Enlist Duo is intended for use on corn and soybeans genetically modified to be resistant to a chemical cocktail consisting of Roundup and 2,4-D. The NRDC claims the EPA ignored possible health and safety risks to both humans and monarch butterflies. It is asking the court to “review and set aside the final order”.

“This weed killer is more bad news for monarch butterflies, whose migrating population has dropped by more than 90 percent in recent years because glyphosate has wiped out the milkweed they need to survive,” said Sylvia Fallon, a senior scientist at NRDC. “EPA completely ignored the impact on monarchs when it granted this new approval, and seriously underestimated the toxicity for people.”

“Because of its documented impacts on the thyroid, a critical organ for brain development, infants and children are at especially high risk from adverse impacts of 2,4-D exposure,” said Kristi Pullen, an NRDC staff scientist. People can be exposed to 2,4-D in numerous ways, including contaminated food, drinking water, or breast milk (for nursing infants), and through inhalation of pesticide particles released during use on nearby fields.

“Solving one pesticide’s problem by adding another puts us on a completely unsustainable path,” Fallon said. “EPA has started a snowballing effect of more and more powerful pesticides that threaten both wildlife and human health.”


Natural Resource Defense Council Press Release

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