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If you’re reading this, then we hope that you’ve enjoyed the content that we’ve crafted over the years. We now have full time staff that we support out of our own pockets, as well as hosting and bandwidth costs, and as much as we love doing what we do, we’re facing the monthly reality of supporting this site by ourselves.

Foodexposed covers a wide range of topics affecting all ages ranging from nutrition, the impact of nutrition on health conditions, healthy living practices, identification of risk behaviours such as smoking and alcohol abuse and the resulting repercussions and suggests solutions to sustainable long term health practices. The overall goal is to promote the message of healthy sustainable behavioural practices for the current and future generations to minimize the current public health burden of preventable diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, alcoholism etc.

Our site is aimed at all ages and was developed as a result of a parent’s concern for their child. We’ve found that healthy nutritional intervention has made a large difference in an otherwise chronic health condition, and we wanted to share our knowledge and our passion with our audience. We have an amazing following, and we love the interaction we’ve received on and twitter!

We would appreciate your support, as in really appreciate it. Foodexposed is a labour of love, however, we’re hoping that you can share some of the love with us in return. We now have full time research staff to create our content, to ensure that the quality is as high as it is. We love the fact that our families can support other families in the quest for supportive knowledge, and we’d love it if you could help us in return. We’re new at this fundraising stuff, however if there is anything you can commit to, as a once-off donation or a regular commitment, we’d love it if you could hit that big old donate button below, and share the love back with us.

We’re also open to feedback. if there’s something you’d like to see us doing in terms on content generation, site features, or better ways of fundraising, then please interact with us via twitter, or our contact us page.

Here is that Donate button we spoke about earlier, we hope hitting it and donating will give you warm and happy feelings, and thank you for supporting our efforts.

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